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Extra-Efficient A-1 Motor Oil Email






The Problem: The target audience are men ages 35-50 who own expensive performance cars and whose hobby is taking good care of their cars. The primary CTA is for them to purchase A-1 Performance Motor Oil on the company website.

The Solution: The email is designed to increase awareness of the product and drive purchases. Since the target audience is conscientious about taking good care of their cars, I pointed to their desires to keep their cars in good condition because their cars are their pride and something they want to show off. Since a benefit of A-1 motor oil is improving the longevity of the engine and parts, a deeper benefit of using this product is cars can be shown off for longer and the target audience can continue feeling the pride of doing that. Another deep benefit I touched on is the need for fewer repairs and maintenance, helping to save time and money in the long run.

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